Central West Tours Pty Ltd objective is to provide a unique Australian cycle touring experience through the central west region and Lachlan river valley that is both ecologically and financially sustainable. We are fully commitment to protecting, nurturing and maintaining the diverse eco-system of the central west region and Lachlan River Valley. We will strive to reduce the impact of our activity and contribute to preserve the biological and cultural diversity of the environment and respect for the flora and fauna.

Central West Tours will continuously and enthusiastically seeks ways to support the environmental performance in all areas of our operations by working with suppliers, clients, partners, customers and the community. As far as possible, choose suppliers with a similar ethos and passion for the environment. We will work to ensure that customers are provided with education to increase their knowledge and awareness of the environment and how to improve efforts in our everyday lives to decrease waste and live a more sustainable existence.

Our sustainable approach includes the following:

  • Promote E-Bikes tourism
  • Strict adherence to the local Council recycling programs.
  • Use of recycled paper and natural products where possible.
  • All waste is removed during cycle tours.
  • Reduce our carbon foot print.
  • Responsible selection of rest stops to ensure no damage to the environment.
  • All staff members are educated on the importance on the sustainability and protecting the environment.

Acknowledgement of Country

Central West Tours acknowledge the generations of the local Aboriginal people of the Wiradjuri people who have lived and derived their physical and spiritual needs from the forests, rivers, lakes and streams of Central West Region as the traditional owners and custodians of these lands.

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